2 thoughts on “Fortunate Birth

  1. When life is a mathematical improbability, the fact that we are born into it at all, and a great deal of us into suffering beyond our control, is a perverse “miracle.” But, should we be grateful for it? Damn, the things this poem can make me think about–an avalanche of thought triggered by 31 words and an ampersand. Bitter genius here.

  2. Resonably certain it’s not genius, but I appreciate the comment. I didn’t see it as bitter, maybe a little ironic.

    As for suffering: Of course we all suffer, of course some suffer much more than others. For example, the refugees we serve where I work, many have suffered beyond most our imaginations with very few exceptions, but once here they embrace the opportunity to start again, even while they carry tremendous loss. It was that sense, and the options of so many other forms of violent order less creation that prompted it.

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