7 thoughts on “The Cross, Out Back

  1. Love this, and I am sharing it, hope you don’t mind. In my view, the woman is doing all three. Don’t the Amish (as one of my favorite examples) do everything prayerfully, or at least mindful of God (think that is the same thing, actually). Read that somewhere.

  2. Thank you for reposting. I saw this mostly as a matter of perspective. The cross, the crucifix appears only from the outside. She sees a clothesline pole. I also put in two Latin Crosses in our back yard years ago that I built them for hanging wash. It’s almost an anthropological perspective. In the poem we’re the anthropologists looking in, ascribing our own meaning, projecting our own values, telling a different part of our own story through the lives of others. Anthropologically or otherwise.

    1. I’m not sure my last comment was particularly helpful. So let me try this: I saw the cross, so of course the reader sees the cross, the crucifix: The enduring sign of Christian salvation or a 1000 years of roman brutality. But she’ll never see a cross staked out in her back yard. The thought of such a revered symbol performing such a mundane would either be absurd or obscene. Any reverence is either sub-conscious or more likely imagined by me. That’s where the tension is for me, that’s what interested me.

  3. This weekend I firgured what this is about. It’s about mythology. We mytholgize what we value and sometimes what we think is undervalued. That’s what I saw back in 1989, but I didn’t recognize. Slow witted much.

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