Spring Taṇhā

white blossoms
into green leaves

vernal petals flurry
towards the greater mass

stayed gently by
concrete, grass, asphalt

and just like that,

Sweet Summer Dukkha

June Yard Work
only seven days into summer
yellow sumac leaves fall

keep mowing!
plenty of time left
plenty of grass to cut

July at the Lake
sunscreen lotion

usedta be
just for the beach

usedta smell
just like sand

August Light
half of this imagined season
simply to remind us,
summer’s almost over

autumnal nights
dimming breakfasts
then incandescent early meals
through May

© 2013-2017 Brian Brown-Cashdollar

Taṇhā (pronounced: t ạ n – h ā) Pali for craving, desire, thirst. The cause of suffering

Duhhka (pronounced: doo-kuh) Pali for suffering, unsatisfactoriness

Taṇhā is the cause of duhhka. It keeps us bound to life, to rebecoming, to endless suffering

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