by ship they came
Italy to Lovejoy
breathe in
the fuel of work

rounding the corner
the sweet heavy cloud
of hauling

wheel spins center
clutch, shift, release,

motor rumbles like grampa 
before the steel mill
heart attack took him

moving product to market
Nakuru to Mombasa
Montecristi to Santo Domingo
Bay of Penty to Auckland

transporting me
and once exotic fruit
to port and home again

© 2012-2022 Brian Brown-Cashdollar



/* May feel a little rushed, but I like the image of the physics of fear. */

light clinging to snowflakes
snow sticking to everything
a perfect squall
a travel ban
the roads were ours

swerving across medians
spinning through intersections
a high school thrill ride
me, Marty, Red

tires skating under street lights
boys hurtling towards snow banks
instinctively I palm the wheel
in the back Marty squeals

You’re so cool!
as I try to control the physics
of rubber, steel, flesh and fear

© 2014-2022 Brian Brown-Cashdollar